SiLi is represented in Bayreuth on large-scale posters and citylight posters

SiLi Sigmund Lindner GmbH from Warmensteinach was selected for its latest product SiLiglam PURE BIO SPARKLE Bioglitter.

The innovative thing about the glitter from the Bayreuth region: SiLiglam PURE BIO SPARKLE is #plastic-free, #vegan and #biodegradable in fresh water. This allows decorative effects without the use of microplastics and no microplastics in the form of glitter end up in nature, which is an enormous advantage at festivals, for example. SiLi has already been working on the development of bioglitter for the cosmetics industry as well as for industrial applications or the decoration and handicraft sector since 2011. The new SiLiglam PURE BIO SPARKLE bioglitter is already used in nail polishes, modelling clay, candle decorations and as loose glitter.