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For decades we have been developing and producing technical glass beads for fine grinding, as valve balls, as filter beads, and retroreflective beads for road marking. Using leading edge technology and state of the art plant equipment, we produce beads for highest quality demands.

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glass balls-typ-P-frosted-mixing beads-locking ball

Precision glass beads type P PHARMA as mixing beads for medical applications

Type P

glass balls-typ-P-frosted-mixing beads-locking ball

Precision glass beads type P as valve ball, mixed ball, locking ball, for ball bearings

Type M

glass balls-typ-M-glass Beads-filter beads-mixing Beads

Glass beads made of soda-lime glass as closure beads, mixing and stirring beads in aerosol sprays, filter beads in drinking water wells

SiLibeads Water

glass balls-Vitrosphere-Glass Beads-filter material

Glass beads of soda-lime glass with polished surface as filter material Conventional filter material…

Type S

Glass-Beads-Type-S-grinding beads-dispersing ball-filling bead-reflex bead-blasting glass ball

Polished glass beads type S as grinding ball, dispersing ball, filling bead, reflex bead, blasting glass ball

Type SL

glass balls-typ-SL-Glass Beads

Aluminium borosilicate glass beads type SL as wear-resistant grinding ball in agitator bead mills

Type Q

glass balls-typ-P-Q-mixing beads

Glass beads made of quartz glass (synthetic silica glass) to form a high-purity grinding ball.

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