Sustainability and environmental protection

Our striving for sustainability is also expressed in our management systems according to ISO 50001 for energy and ISO 14001 environment.
Our stated goal is CO2 neutrality by 2025 according to Scope 1 and Scope 2.

What does scope mean (Scope 1 and 2 according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol):
Scope 1 emissions are direct emissions from owned or controlled sources (e.g. operation of own boiler or vehicle fleet).
Scope 2 emissions are indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy (e.g. the company’s own electricity consumption, heating, cooling, etc.). If a company generates the electrical energy used itself, then this electricity is not included in scope 2, but the fuel used is accounted for under Scope 1 (direct) emissions.   (Source: www.

The following is regulated in our sustainability system Fair@SiLi:

Our goal is to operate successfully while working to conserve and regenerate all resources. We assume social responsibility. The integration of social and ecological concerns takes a central role in corporate policy.


The company has a clearly defined organizational structure. Organizational change processes are carried out with the involvement of the employees concerned. Changes are communicated clearly and at an early stage. Independent decisions within the scope of the individual employees’ competency regulations are expressly desired.

The aim is to achieve the best possible work-life balance. Home office arrangements, flextime, part-time work are fixed components in order to be able to work flexibly. Our workplaces are state of the art and efforts are made to minimize the physical/one-sided strain on the employees. The company promotes cultural diversity within the company. Performance and commitment to the company is rewarded. Personal training is desired and supported. The company pays its employees above average wages.

Colleagues at the SiLibeads Factory and SiLiglit Factory

Performance bonuses, anniversary bonuses, the Bonus@SiLi suggestion scheme and a bonus linked to the company’s success are important components of our remuneration system. As part of our Fit@SiLi health system, we regularly organize measures to promote health.

Production at SiLiglit werk and SiLibeads werk


When selecting raw materials, recycled material is used whenever possible. This is already done in the production of SiLibeads type S and type M glass beads, SiLiglit glass glitter and glass nuggets with a high percentage of glass cullet. Furthermore, during the production process we attach great importance to the recovery of raw materials that are lost during the process. We already succeed in this in the production of SiLibeads type ZY 6.0, type P and type M, as well as SiLiglit glass glitter.

Supply chains

We consistently follow our supply chains and are in exchange with our suppliers in order to save energy, to use regenerative energy and to comply with all guidelines and regulations regarding occupational health and safety.


We consistently observe human rights and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. No attempts will be made or tolerated that contradict our compliance rules or the rules of our customer. The company strives to have a balanced ratio of male and female workers.


In order to promote the common good, we are committed to donating 2% of our earnings to social projects each year. This is done in consultation with the employee representatives. We are involved in projects at home and abroad and also like to support our region, our home country.

SiLi is committed to national and international aid projects

Information policy

SiLi operates an open and comprehensive communication policy towards both its employees and outsiders. This includes all areas such as economic development, medium- and long-term planning, investments, new developments, social commitment, new projects, marketing activities, personnel changes and crisis management. Starting in 2022, regular information events will be held with our residents and with the municipal administration in Warmensteinach.

Environmental protection, climate neutrality

Conscious use of natural resources is important to us and firmly anchored in our corporate policy. Within the framework of our environmental management system, relevant and common key figures are therefore recorded, processed and evaluated. The preparation of an annual CO2 balance serves to make our processes CO2 neutral in the medium term. We know the environmental impact of our decisions and processes and pursue the goal of CO2 neutrality by 2025. Measures to be examined are: Energy saving engines, compliance with ENEF standard for buildings, alternative heating concepts, energy efficient furnace technologies, purchase of CO2 certificates.

Since July 2020, we have been using 100% renewable energy at our sites in Warmensteinach. We pursue a waste concept with the goal of waste avoidance or recycling. With our free-standing photovoltaic system we generate approx. 600,000 kWh annually. Of this we consume about 65% ourselves, the rest is fed into the grid.

The company’s car policy stipulates that only company cars with electric motors or hybrid drives may be purchased in the future.

Five charging stations are in operation at the Warmensteinach site and may be used by employees free of charge. Charging is carried out using self-generated electricity from the company’s own solar panels and renewable electricity from the grid.

SiLi supports and subsidizes resource-conserving travel to and from work through a reward system. Carpooling, using public transportation, and coming and going by bicycle or on foot are encouraged. A leasing offer of “job” bikes is available to employees.

Four charging stations for customers and employees at the SiLibeads plant
Four charging stations for customers and employees at the SiLibeads plant
Twenty sheep graze in summer in SiLi solar park
Twenty sheep graze in summer in SiLi solar park

Company certifications

Our company is certified according to the following norms and standards:

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The UN 2030 Agenda

We actively contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals – through innovative solutions, responsible business practices, strategic partnerships and social engagement.