Why SiLi

Sigmund Lindner GmbH is a successful owner-managed family business with more than 120 committed employees. SiLi has been combining tradition and innovation for more than 160 years. The product range extends from technical ceramic beads and high-precision glass beads to decorative glitter. As the world market leader in the field of pharmaceutical closure beads, SiLi supplies to over 80 countries.

A worldwide export network and own sales offices in Manchester and Moscow, as well as subsidiaries in the USA and China are markers for our growing international presence. This course of expansion continuing on all continents make Sigmund Lindner GmbH a global player in various niche markets. Proximity to our customers and our commitment to the Warmensteinach site remain our top priorities in this process.

What we offer you:

  • A job in a traditional company at the highest technical level
  • Varied work in a relaxed working environment
  • Individual training and development opportunities
  • Numerous social benefits, including comprehensive company health management
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    Through our actions, we strive to make our world a little better every day.
    Be part of it and join our team!

    Save lives!
    Become part of the pharmaceutical bead production, these SiLibeads glass beads ensure the even mixing of insulin for diabetics. Only by taking insulin regularly can diabetics survive.

    Secure drinking water!
    Clean water is one of our most precious commodities. Make a difference for clean drinking water around the world by joining SiLi. SiLibeads filter glass beads are now used in drinking water wells in more than 22 countries.

    Ensure clean swimming pools and pool installations!
    SiLibeads glass beads are used in large filter systems in public swimming pools as well as in small private pool filters. Become part of our team and take responsibility for clean and pure pool water with us.

    Don’t give cheaters a chance!
    Clean spirits in bars and pubs, pure olive oil – the use of SiLibeads sealing beads in safety caps ensures that the contents of the bottle are not contaminated.

    Be jointly responsible for safe roads!
    Road safety is a big issue worldwide. By applying our tiny SiLibeads glass beads to the road marking, light is reflected and thus the visibility of the road marking is multiplied.

    Join us in protecting the environment!
    As the first manufacturer worldwide, we have succeeded in producing a 100% plastic-free Bioglitter. Drive these developments forward with us. Glitter without a guilty conscience – festivals, cosmetics, handicrafts, there are no limits to creativity with our organic products.

    Increase efficiency in fine grinding!
    SiLibeads ceramic beads are not only used in gold and silver mines, but also in the grinding of pigments and minerals. The world’s heaviest and most efficient grinding ball was developed and produced here in Warmensteinach. Join us! Become part of our team!