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With equipment and processing technologies developed to our own specifications and demands we can efficiently facilitate production of high-grade and high performance grinding beads. Our customers use SiLibeads ceramic beads for highly efficient grinding, crushing, and dispersing processes.

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Type TC 9.5

Ceramic beads made of tungsten carbide and zirconium oxide

Type ZA 5.3

Ceramic beads -Grinding-Beads-Zirconium-Aluminium-Oxide-Cerium-stabilize-Type-ZA

Zirconium-Aluminum oxide beads Cerium stabilized

Type ZSA 3.7


Ceramic beads made of zircon-silica-aluminium oxide, produced by the sintering process

Type A 99.3

Ceramic beads made of high pure aluminium oxide (=2N)

Type A 99.99

Ceramic beads made of high pure aluminium oxide (=4N)

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