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Grinding crushing dispersing

Shredding processes play a central role in the preparation of particles for products such as paints, varnishes, inks, special chemicals and also ingredients for medicines.

Paint and Coatings Industry

Color Paint Industry

A wet grinding process is used in which the dye particles or pigments are comminuted in suspensions or dispersions down to a few micro- and in some cases nanometers.

Battery Material

Battery Materials

High-performance batteries are playing an increasingly important role, especially in electromobility and in securing our future power supply.



For the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) for new drugs and therapeutic options.

Filler and Coatings Industry

Filler coating industry

SiLibeads Ceramic Beads can be used for materials that are used as fillers in papers or wall paints, for example, and prepared accordingly, as well as for materials used for coating / coating applications.

Ceramic Industry

ceramics industry

The ceramic industry includes on the one hand the areas of utility ceramics, such as sanitary, construction or tableware products. In addition, technical ceramics are playing an increasingly important role, as they cover products from the fields of electronics, automotive, aerospace, toolmaking and medical technology.

Mine/ Mining/ Minerals

Mining mines

Certain minerals and ores, e.g. with gold, platinum, silver or rare earth elements, must be processed in a resource-saving manner.



Grinding processes play an important role in the production of chemicals used as active ingredients in fertilizers, crop protection products or insecticides, among others.

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