Type Q

Glass beads made of quartz glass (synthetic silica glass) to form a high-purity grinding bead.

Type Q glass beads made of high-purity synthetic silica glass are formed into beads and then sintered in a defined manner.

Fields of application

Use as ultra-pure beads for cell disintegration and autogenous grinding; grinding of conductive pastes, glass paints and high-purity silicate materials; in the laboratory as carrier material with bioactive or catalytic surface; as filler material in the cosmetics industry, semi-conductor industry and pharmaceutical industry; as radiation conductor in the UV range (disinfection); optical sphere/half sphere for UV sources/wave guides; photovoltaic sphere with transmission of 170 – 5,000 nm; filter material for very high temperatures and many other applications.


  • Highest chemical purity with SiO2 content ≥ 99.98 %
  • Highest chemical resistance of all glass types (hydrolytic class HGB 1, acid resistance class S1 and alkali resistance class A1)
  • High light transparency from IR to UV wavelength range (170 – 5000 nm)
  • High roundness of beads dMIN / dMAX ≥ 0.95
  • Very high service temperature of 1100 °C (1300 °C also possible for short periods)
  • Very high thermal shock resistance
glass balls-typ-P-Q-mixing beads

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