Micro Glass Beads – SiLibeads SOLID

Polished glass beads made of soda-lime glass as filler material / filler beads

Micro glass beads – SiLibeads® SOLID, made of soda-lime glass, are manufactured in a shaft furnace processing and have a fire-polished surface.

Field of application

Filler in the chemical, paper and plastics industries; as well as decorative filler in wallpapers and wall plasters

Filling Beads
Filling beads for increasing the physical properties in thermoplastics and thermosets

Blasting and coating material for mechanical surface treatment of metal, plastic and wood

Quality attributes

  • Wide range of sizes in the range d = 0 – 800 µm
  • High proportion of beads in the nominal size range
  • High roundness of the beads dMIN / dMAX ≥ 0.89
  • Different silane coatings possible
  • Clean and polished surfaces
  • High retroreflectivity
  • Low process residues and other impurities
  • Wide range of different size fractions (customer-specific special sieving possible)
  • Light, white colour
glass balls-solid-SiLibeads-Micro Glass Beads
Sample Cards
Sample Card

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