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The SiLi Technologies GmbH has extensive and long term experience in the manufacturing of high-grade technical beads of different materials (versatile glass types as well as stabilized ZrO2, ZrSiO4, Si3N4, Y2O3 and WC).

Our production is based on processes and technologies of our own design and development using special machinery and equipment. Some of which was also developed, designed and build in the company. All processing stages from raw material supply to final testing of the finished products are subject to permanent quality control and optimization.

Highly qualified ceramics engineers, chemists and physicists with extensive expertise in material and processing technology work in the company and in dedicated projects.

In the ceramics field, we cover the entire process chain from powder preparation via forming and sintering to finishing and quality control. In the glass sector, certain production steps, e.g. breaking, mould pressing, rounding, (precision) cutting, and polishing as well as various sorting techniques can be adapted to new products and combined with newly developed processing steps.

Special glass types can also be shaped into spheres with the respectively desired properties. If necessary, all processing steps can be adjusted to that. The key points of the respective work to be carried out are in the development of a processing technology for the manufacture of beads from the material to be developed.

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