SiLibeads Water

Glass beads of soda-lime glass with polished surface as filter material

Conventional filter material, such as quartz sand or granules, is extremely susceptible to attack by fungi, bacteria, germs, algae and calcification due to its porous, irregular structure. Contaminations and germs settle in the unevenness of the coarse-pore surfaces of the filter material, multiply uncontrollably and indefinitely in the warm pool water. They are never completely removed even during the backwashing process. This requires an unnecessarily high use of expensive and sometimes environmentally harmful chemical disinfectants.

  • Precise and narrow sieve curves (gradation) enable an application-specific design of the filter bed and dust-free filling of the filters
  • High breaking strength and abrasion resistance for mechanical and chemical stability
  • Effective and efficient filtration processes due to optimal hydraulic conditions
  • Best self-cleaning and fluidisation properties during backwashing
  • Significant energy and rinse water savings due to shortened backwash time
  • Reduction of disinfectants and extension of filter maintenance intervals
  • Long service life of the filter material


Fields of application

High-performance filter material for single-layer, multi-layer, multi-media filtration in water treatment and water recovery systems.


  • more effective filter effect
  • higher dirt holding capacity
  • less backwashing
  • energy and water savings
glass balls-Vitrosphere-Glass Beads-filter material
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