Type SL

Aluminium borosilicate glass beads Type SL as wear-resistant grinding beads in agitator bead mills

Glass beads Type SL, made of low alkali alumoborosilicate glass, are produced energetically effectively in a special thermal shaping process.

Fields of application

Grinding Beads
For special grinding in agitator bead mills of all types, glass beads of type SL are used for special grinding of products with special quality requirements, e.g. magnetic tape compounds, anti-corrosion paints and sensitive grinding suspensions when the pH value changes during the grinding process, as well as for coatings of thermal paper for fax machines.


  • Wide range of sizes in the range d = 0.40 – 4.40 mm
  • High proportion of beads in the nominal size range
  • High roundness of the beads dMIN / dMAX ≥ 0.95 (also higher on customer request)
  • Clean and polished surfaces
  • Low process residues and other impurities
  • Very low alkali input when used as grinding ball in wet grinding
  • Wide range of different size fractions (customer-specific special sieving possible)
glass balls-typ-SL-Glass Beads
Sample Cards
Sample Card

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