Type P

Precision glass beads Type P as valve ball, mixing beads, locking ball, for ball bearings

Type P glass beads are made of soda-lime glass and high-quality borosilicate glass. SiLibeads glass beads Type P achieve highest precision through a special grinding process. The diameter and roundness tolerance is < 10 microns on request. The manufacturing process allows all special dimensions in the range between 0.7 and 50 mm.

The surface quality of the glass beads can be selected from high-gloss to frosted, borosilicate glass and solid-coloured coloured glass beads can also be produced on request.

Field of application

The chemical resistance allows the use in aggressive and corrosive media.

Valve ball – Closure beads
The glass beads are used as valve beads for ink cartridges and dispensers in the food and cosmetics industry. Metering pumps and ball check valves are often equipped with Type P glass beads.

Ball Bearings
Glass beads are used in ball bearings where corrosion resistance and chemical resistance play a role.

Mixing Beads
The pharmaceutical industry is a large field of application for mixing beads. For example, insulin carpules contain a borosilicate glass ball, which mixes the contents by shaking to achieve an even mixture of insulin.


  • exact and freely selectable diameters in the size range d = 0.7 – 50 mm
  • small diameter tolerances for both single beads dK ≤ 20 µm and lots dL ≤ 20 µm
  • high shape retention and roundness dMAX – dMIN ≤ 20 µm
  • homogeneous surfaces with defined roughness, matt, silk matt and (highly) polished, with Ra ≤ 30 nm
  • no adhesions and inclusions
  • no air bubbles dB ≥ 0.5 mm, very low percentage of beads with air bubbles dB ≤ 0.5 mm
  • suitable for contact with foodstuffs possible
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