Vision & Mission

Our Vision

My dream is that SiLi will continue to be successful as a 6th generation independent international operating family business. Inseparably connected with SiLi is and remains its location in Warmensteinach. Stefan Trassl March 2022

The careful use of resources, sound research and long-term planning have always been part of SiLi‘s DNA. Our experts are passionately dedicated to the development of new products and the optimization of existing ones. As a reliable partner, we also support social initiatives – both here in the region and on a national level.

Openness to new things, flexibility, independence and a high degree of professionalism are and remain values that we strive for every day. They form the basis of our actions, both in our relationships with our employees and in our dealings with business partners and customers.

SiLi‘s strategy is and will remain focused on consistency, longevity and sustainability.

Economic success is the necessary basis for successfully realizing this dream.

Stefan Trassl and his son Benedikt 1995-...
Stefan Trassl and his son Benedikt 1995-...
Heinz Trassl
Heinz Trassl 1979-1989
Arno Trassl
Arno Trassl 1979-1997
Hans Trassl
Hans Trassl 1934-1979
Alfons Trassl
Alfons Trassl 1892-1934
Sigmund Lindner
Sigmund Lindner 1860-1892

Our Mission

SiLi is aware that glass, ceramic balls and effect glitter are the basis of the company‘s success. We want to maintain this into the future.

SiLi will therefore always – and with pride – act as a niche supplier, maintaining and expanding its excellent market position. We achieve this goal through constant innovation and the development of new technologies and products by SiLi Technologies GmbH. In addition, we are opening up new areas of application and new markets, and are constantly working to optimize our processes.

In addition to pure products, we also offer our customers product specific service and profitable additional benefits – for example the recycling of ceramic beads. In product development, production and in opening up our markets, we pay attention to CO2 neutrality. Minimal resource consumption is just as important to us as the reduction of harmful emissions. We have been working together with our employees, customers, partners and suppliers in a spirit of trust for many years.

If necessary, we will outsource parts of our production to partners/joint ventures around the world in order to secure and expand the location and jobs in Warmensteinach in the long term.

Our Goals

• Continuous growth
• Long-term partnership with market leaders
• State of the art

• Offering the most innovative products
• Customer solutions
• Excellent customer service

We are committed to these markets


As the world market leader in glass beads for mixing insulin, our SiLibeads® glass beads ensure the effectiveness of insulin suspensions and support the production of important  vaccines. In this way, our work contributes to a symptom-free life for diabetics, and also protects against other diseases: Our glass beads also play an important role in the production of a vaccine for shingles.


As an innovation leader, our SiLibeads® glass beads help to operate drinking water wells effectively and for a long time, and to optimize water filtration processes in swimming pools and in industrial process and wastewater circuits. By enabling them to be used in well construction, our glass beads help to recover and save water as a precious and vital resource.


Wet grinding
As a specialist in the wet grinding of solids in suspensions and dispersions, our SiLibeads® ceramic beads help to carry out comminution processes efficiently, effectively and in a  resourcesaving manner. This benefits, among others, the manufacturers of paints and coatings, whose end products are used in many areas of daily life.


As experts in the production of SiLibeads® fillers, we help our customers to optimize the technical properties of their products. Depending on whether hollow or solid glass beads are used, they influence, for example, the weight, serve as insulation, increase scratch resistance or optimize the flow behavior of a material. The use of our fillers thus helps to save CO2 and other resources.


Food/Safety closures
As the market leader in Europe, our SiLibeads® glass spheres protect spirits and high-quality edible oils in non-refillable bottles against unauthorized mixing (panning). Our safety  closures thus make an important contribution to product purity and protect consumer health.

Antimonfreier Blitter

SiLiglit® effect glitter makes an important contribution to the fashionable and attractive design of various products: Our glitter is not only used in cosmetics, but also adds a certain sparkle to wall and floor coatings, plastics and textiles. Our newly developed SiLiglam® Bioglitter make a significant contribution to increasing the sales success of our customers and to protecting the environment and the world‘s oceans.

Our Corporate Policy

SiLi is a globally active family business with its roots in Warmensteinach, Franconia. We are convinced that quality, environmental protection, energy efficiency and  sustainability are essential pillars for continued success in a globalized world. Our declared goal is therefore to align our processes and workflows with these values and to continuously optimize them.

We are aware of our responsibility towards customers, suppliers, employees, business partners, the environment and society. That is why we want to achieve our goal of CO2-neutral, wastefree and completely closed-loop production as quickly as possible. With our sustainable business practices, we are already making an important contribution to an intact environment.

Our strategy is designed for long-term economic success. The focus is on high product availability and quality. Investments are made in a continuous basis. The  company has a solid financial basis with an equity ratio of at least 50 percent.

Our Locations

Werk SiLibeads

Werk SiLiglit

Werk Jinkun SiLi |China

Werk Tiantai SiLi | China


Energy and environment



Reliability and trust are the key to a good and lasting cooperation. Our customers know that we fulfill their tasks and wishes and that we know and observe the regulatory  requirements as well as the accreditations of the respective target market. Where necessary, we work according to GMP standards.

We generate a high level of satisfaction among our customers by delivering each product only after appropriate successful quality tests.

We are prepared for external audits at any time. Our goal is to pass them without major deviations.

We continuously improve our processes to ensure long-term success in the markets.

We process complaints promptly and act for the benefit of our customers.

Our qualified and committed employees are our most important resource. Regular training and further education are therefore a matter of course and also serve the benefit of our business partners.

Our integrated management system is certified according to ISO standards.

Within the framework of our energy and environmental policy (ISO standard), we set ourselves targets for ourselves, provide the necessary means to achieve them and monitor
their implementation on an ongoing basis.

We comply with our binding commitments.

We use resources such as raw materials, processed materials as well as energy carefully and optimize our energy consumption continuously. We use the highest possible proportion of recycled materials in production and consider the entire life cycle of the product as early as the development process.

Energy and environmental requirements are also decisive factors in the planning and procurement of services, machinery and equipment.

We are  committed to continuously improving our energy and environmental management system, subjecting ourselves to regular checks by the appropriate certification bodies and motivating our employees to make ongoing improvements.

By 2025, we aim to manufacture our products in Warmensteinach in a CO2-neutral manner (Scope 1 and 2 of our carbon footprint).

In this way, we contribute to ensuring a future worth living for future generations.

The integration of social, economic and ecological concerns takes a central role in corporate policy. We pursue sustainable development that meets the needs of the present without risking that future generations will no longer be able to meet their own needs.

Good working conditions should not be a privilege, but a matter of course. We therefore consistently commit ourselves and our suppliers to compliance with human rights and all legal framework conditions. A good and open working atmosphere is also essential. Our clear  organizational structure also encourages our employees to make independent decisions and develop themselves further. In this way – but also through our attractive training and continuing education programs – we also try to retain young colleagues in our company and are already laying the (personnel) foundation for a successful future.

Diversity is an enrichment. That is why we actively promote a working environment free of discrimination. All employees participate in the company‘s success through a defined key.

We feel a close bond not only with our workforce but also with the region. We therefore also fulfill our social responsibility through donations, the distribution of which our employees can influence.