SiLibeadsGlass Beads



For the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Highly effective in cell disruption through Bead Beating.

Water Filtration

SiLibeads_water filtration

High performance filtration media for use in industrial water treatment and water reclaiming systems

High Precision Beads

High Precision Ball

Precise glass spheres are used in technical applications requiring high chemical resistance.



SiLibeads glass beads have been and continue to be used as grinding or dispersing beads, either as a cost-effective alternative to more expensive ceramic beads or for performance reasons in older, less powerful mills.

Aerosol – Aerosol Sprays

Aerosol – Aerosol Sprays
Glass beads are used as mixing beads in aerosol sprays. These spheres play an important role in the functioning of aerosol sprays. Here are some reasons why glass beads are [...]

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