Aerosol – Aerosol Sprays

Glass beads are used as mixing beads in aerosol sprays. These spheres play an important role in the functioning of aerosol sprays.

Here are some reasons why glass beads are used in this application:

  • Mixing function: Glass beads help to mix the contents of the aerosol spray, especially if the spray contains liquid components that might otherwise settle or separate. By shaking the container, the spheres move and help to mix the ingredients and ensure a uniform consistency.
  • Chemical inertness: Glass is chemically inert, which means that it does not react with the ingredients of the spray. This is particularly important in applications where chemical reactivity must be avoided, such as pharmaceutical sprays or sprays with sensitive chemicals.
  • No contamination: Because glass does not corrode or degrade, it does not release particles or contaminants into the product. This is crucial for maintaining the purity of the contents.
  • Longevity and durability: Glass beads are very durable and withstand repeated use without wearing out or breaking. This makes them a reliable choice for repeated use in aerosol sprays.
  • No impact on spray quality: Glass beads do not affect the quality or pressure of the spray, which is important for the consistent performance of the product.


Overall, glass beads in aerosol sprays help to ensure that the ingredients are mixed effectively and the quality and purity of the spray is maintained. They are a safe and reliable choice for this type of application.

Depending on the viscosity of the formulation, the bead size varies between 10 mm and a maximum of 16 mm. A narrow diameter and roundness tolerance of +/-0.5mm and more is guaranteed.


  • No bead breakage
  • 100% sizing, each bead is checked for tolerance
  • Precise roundness
Aerosol – Aerosol Sprays
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