Water Filtration

SiLibeads® filtration media offers numerous advantages compared to traditional sand filter media.

Due to its characteristics in terms of

  • its specific shape and outstanding surface quality,
  • the hydraulic and hygienic features given by the filter bed and
  • its fluidization and self-cleaning behavior during back wash

Dynamic Deep Bed Filtration

The main features and advantages at a glance:

  • Extended running time between back wash cycles
  • Less pressure drop and significantly increased dirt-load-capacity
  • Reduced turbidity and SDI protects the downstream equipment (membranes, adsorbents)
  • Precise and narrow gradations for an applied filter bed design
  • Dust free filter filling
  • No pump cleaning after installation necessary, no risk off diffusor clogging
  • Highly effective filtering process due to optimal hydraulic conditions
  • High breaking strength and abrasion resistance for mechanical and chemical stability
  • Highly resistant against disinfection & sterilization agents and regenerants
  • Superior self-cleaning and fluidization-properties during backwash
  • Significant reduction of the need of water and energy due to reduced backwash duration
  • Significantly less biofilms
  • Reduction of chemical agents and extended service intervals
  • Almost unlimited durability

Since the SiLibeads® filtration media were introduced into the field of water filtration and water recovery, they have proven to be sustainable in various industries.

Petrochemical Industry

Process water treatment and water reclaiming

Semiconductor Plants

Conditioning of raw-water

Commercial Laundry

Process water treatment and reclaiming, waste water treatment

Household Systems

Water softeners and ion exchangers

Automotive Sector

Process water treatment and water reclaiming

Beverage Industry

Conditioning of raw-water and production water

Food Industry

Conditioning of raw-water at fish-farming plants

Private & Public Pool & Spa, Swimming Ponds

Water treatment and water reclaiming

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