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SiLibeads Glass Beads Type M are used for non-refillable safety closures on spirit bottles

Size 9,0 mm, 9,5 mm, 10,0 mm, 10,3 mm, 10,5 mm, 11 mm and 12 mm


Why are safety closures used?

  • Preventing Counterfeiting and Tampering: One of the primary reasons for using non-refillable closures is to combat the illegal refilling of bottles with counterfeit or inferior quality spirits. This practice not only deceives consumers but can also be dangerous if the substituted liquid is harmful. Non-refillable closures ensure that once a bottle is opened, it cannot be refilled and passed off as the original product.
  • Maintaining Brand Integrity and Quality Control: For manufacturers, maintaining the quality and reputation of their product is crucial. Non-refillable closures help in preserving the authenticity of the contents. This ensures that customers always receive the genuine product, as intended by the producer, maintaining the brand’s reputation for quality.
  • Compliance with Legal Requirements: In some regions, laws require spirit bottles to have non-refillable closures to prevent illegal refilling and sale. These regulations are part of broader efforts to ensure consumer safety and to combat the illicit alcohol market.
  • Consumer Safety: Non-refillable closures also serve a safety function. They prevent the potential for harmful substances to be added to the bottle after it leaves the manufacturer. This is particularly important in public settings like bars and restaurants, where bottles might be more easily tampered with.
  • Environmental Considerations: While it might seem counterintuitive, non-refillable closures can have environmental benefits. They can discourage the use of counterfeit products, which often have less stringent production and environmental standards. Also, they encourage recycling of bottles, as the bottles can’t be reused for the same purpose once opened.

In summary, non-refillable safety closures on spirit bottles are an important measure for protecting consumers, ensuring product authenticity, complying with legal standards, and maintaining the quality and reputation of the brand.


Why should SiLibeads Type M Glass Beads be used for non-refillable closures and pourers?

SiLibeads Type M glass beads – your first choice for the highest quality and safety. Our glass beads are made from raw materials that meet the strict standards of the food industry. Our commitment to purity guarantees a product of unrivalled quality. Glass beads are specifically heavier than plastic beads and are therefore particularly suitable for sugary spirits to prevent sticking in the closure.

Each bead undergoes cleaning and complete inspection. We utilise state-of-the-art optical inspection and sorting equipment to ensure 100% . This ensures that every ball is perfect controlled in diameter, roundness and cleanliness and has no cosmetic defects such as scratches or surface damage.

Our production processes are not only certified to ISO 9001, but also comply with HACCP rules and the demanding requirements of the food industry. With SiLibeads Type M, you can rely on a product that fulfils all the wishes and requirements of our discerning customers.

The use of SiLibeads Type M glass beads in non-refillable closures and pourers not only increases the safety but also the reliability of your products. Rely on SiLibeads to ensure quality and safety in every detail.

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