Zirconium oxide beads Yttrium stabilized used as grinding media for medical and pharmazeutical applications

The ceramic beads SiLibeads® Type ZY-P PHARMA made of stabilized zirconium oxide / yttrium are characterized by an extremely high wear resistance. This property is based on the use of ultrafine crystalline and high-purity raw materials in the manufacturing process and on the constant chemical composition. The very good roundness and the dense, polished surface of the beads also contribute to this wear resistance and thus to the long lifetime circle. Minimal contamination of the ground material, e.g. by critical elements such as zirconium and yttrium, is thus avoided and product quality at the highest level is ensured. This applies in particular to materials and products in the nanoparticle range. 


Fields of application

In the pharmaceutical sector, SiLibeads® Type ZY-P PHARMA are used for ultra-fine grinding down to the nanoscale for the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). The ceramic beads are also suitable as mixing balls in high-speed mixers or for biological cell disintegration.


Quality attributes

The ceramic beads SiLibeads® Type ZY-P PHARMA have a high density, a fine pored structure, a polished surface and high roundness as well as a high wear resistance. Since they have no radioactivity, their use for pharmaceutical applications is harmless. The beads are checked by measuring the surface roughness using laser microscopy. A large number of certificates of analysis and GMP-compliant tests are available. Optional all sizes of beads are available as a washed version (high-purity water) by request. The SiLibeads® Type ZY-P PHARMA are available in an individual packaging such as sterile PET-bottles or bags.


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