SiLibeads® SPECIAL

The SiLibeads® SPECIAL are ceramic beads which are specially developed on customer request for the following areas of application, among others:

• Product-specific and new applications
• Sustainable and innovative products
• Autogenous grinding
• Processing of high purity materials
• New mills
• Sensitive areas (medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology))

Our research team at SiLi Technologies GmbH, with experts in materials and process development, manufactures our SiLibeads® beads from a variety of ceramic materials.

Ceramic bead made of aluminium-silicon oxide (Al2O3)

Al2O3-content 92.0 % with SiO2 (currently still in laboratory or pilot scale)
High-quality grinding and preparation of very hard products, e.g. in the field of paints, ceramic printing inks, glazes.

Magnetic grinding beads

Ceramic bead made of hard magnetic strontium ferrite (SHF)
Grinding beads in dry and wet grinding processes using an applied external magnetic field. Magnetic microspheres for water treatment or as magnetic carrier material in medicine.

Beads for autogenous grinding of special ceramics

Ceramic bead of yttrium oxid (Y2O3)
Beads for dispersion and preparation of high purity yttrium or rare earth products. Sinter bed for special products.

Ceramic bead of zirconium oxide / magnesium stabilised
Corrosion and thermal shock resistant ball in special processes.

Micro-spheres (currently still in laboratory or pilot scale)

Ceramic bead made of yttrium-stabilised zirconium oxide in sizes < 100 µm
Ceramic bead made of tungsten carbide zirconium oxide
in sizes < 100 µm

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