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Since their introduction, SiLibeads® Premium Filter Packs have proven their worth as a filter material for water treatment and water recycling in various industries.

Wastewater treatment in emergency response systems

For a project in the EDM sector, SiLibeads® Premium Filter Packs were used in a large-scale filtration system, which acts as a central unit for the process water treatment of 15 EDMs (erosion machines) with fully automatic supply and return of the process water.

The customer is delighted with the effective filter effect, which achieves savings of approx. 400,000 € / year on consumables/filter cartridges.

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SiLibeads® also provide the final stage of wastewater treatment in emergency response systems. The glass bead filter packs have been in use here since 2017 in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, in one of the largest refugee camps in the world. They are also in operation in the semi-mobile wastewater treatment plants that were installed after the flood disaster in the Ahr Valley, Germany.

© Philipp Köhler/DRK Mobile sewage treatment plant: The German Red Cross originally designed the plants, which are made up of easily transportable modules, for use in hard-to-reach areas in developing countries. Following the flood disaster, three of them have now been set up in the Ahr valley, where they ensure water treatment.

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