SiLiglam Cosmetic Glitter

SiLiglam Cosmetic Glitter

SiLiglam differs from SiLiglit in its patented coloring process. The particles are colored only after cutting and thus all surfaces and edges are coated. Different pigments provide special effects.

SiLiglam Type O
Especially in nail polishes, the special effect of these opaque glitters comes into its own. The optical effect is unique and is based on the special manufacturing process.

SiLiglam Type H
Holographic glitter that sparkles in the diversity of the color spectrum.


SiLiglam PURE – antimony-free

SiLiglam PURE, these effect glitters are based on an antimony-free PET film. This pure raw material is free of heavy metals and unwanted impurities. These special glitters feature excellent resistances in all common cosmetic formulations. The unique gloss and outstanding chemical resistance is created by a patented coating process.
SiLiglam PURE offers an antimony-free product line with impressive effects for all areas of decorative cosmetics as well as for personal care products.
Thanks to the patented coating process, customer wishes can be individually coordinated and realized at any time.

SiLiglam PURE Type CC
A special effect is achieved with the silk-matt glitter Type CC.

SiLiglam PURE Type P
Metallic gloss effects can be created with SiLiglam PURE Type P.

SiLiglam PURE Type I
This iridescent glitter provides the highest degree of gloss and has particularly delicate iridescent effects.

SiLiglam PURE-I-Cosmetic Glitter
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Sample Card

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