SiLiglit Cosmetic Glitter and SiLiglam Cosmetic Glitter have been proven for years and are used in countless cosmetic products. With the multitude of possible sizes, particle shapes and colours, unique effects can be achieved in all formulations of decorative cosmetics and body care products.

Our product range also includes antimony-free glitter and biodegradable glitter.


  • detailed technical advice regarding application
  • comprehensive and always up-to-date documentation and certificates
  • high product safety through regular checks by external laboratories
  • innovative coating processes allow an almost unlimited variety of colours
  • our warehouse in Germany contains more than 1000 different articles
  • fast and prompt delivery
  • packing and filling of small quantities according to customer requirements


Highest product quality is our top priority and is ensured by extensive quality controls and external certifications.

Cosmetic Glitter-Bio Glitter
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