SiLibeads type TC 9.5 – Ceramic Beads for highly efficient grinding

Our highly efficient SiLibeads grinding beads type TC 9.5 are now also available in the size of 0.1 mm. This additional size opens up even more possibilities for you to optimise your grinding results and meet your specific requirements.

The use of SiLibeads type TC 9.5 offers you an outstanding increase in efficiency. In extensive tests, we were able to determine – compared to standard grinding beads e.g. made of zirconium oxide – an energy and time saving of up to 20 %.

Another remarkable feature of the SiLibeads type TC 9.5 is the possibility of a higher product throughput, even at reduced mill speed. This means that you can increase your production capacity without compromising on quality. The optimised combination of speed and product fineness opens up new perspectives for your grinding applications.

In addition, the SiLibeads type TC 9.5 are characterised by a longer residence time of the balls in the grinding chamber. This increased grinding efficiency leads to an even finer product composition. Even at a lower peripheral speed, you can achieve the desired product fineness without compromising on effectiveness.

Another advantage of the SiLibeads type TC 9.5 is the improved separation of the balls from the end product. Thanks to advanced technology, you can be sure that the quality and purity of your grinding results is guaranteed.

By using SiLibeads type TC 9.5, you are able to take your grinding processes to a new level. The combination of precise sizing option, energy efficiency, increased product throughput and improved separation properties makes these grinding beads an excellent choice for demanding applications. Discover the versatility and performance of SiLibeads type TC 9.5 and benefit from first-class results in your grinding application.

Learn more about SiLibeads type TC 9.5 and their applications in Grinding/Milling/Dispersing and in the Paint/Coatings Industry.

Contact: Dr. Achim Müller