High-ranking visitor at SiLi

Minister of the Environment Thorsten Glauber visited SiLi on Monday, accompanied by Rainer Ludwig, member of the Landtag of Baden-Württemberg, Florian Wiedemann, District Administrator, and Axel Herrmann, Mayor of Warmensteinach. Managing director Stefan Trassl informed the politicians about the products and current developments of the company. In particular, he emphasized SiLi’s sustainability goals, such as CO2 neutrality by 2025, to which the ground-mounted PV system and the heat pump pellet heating system currently under construction are to contribute. But the current challenges for the “hidden champion” were also mentioned, especially the high energy prices, the shortage of skilled workers and the lack of trainees. Specifically, for example, the poor public transport connections were mentioned, which do not make the search for suitable candidates any easier.

The Minister and his party colleagues were impressed by the product landscape, special position and innovative strength of the company and promised that the topics of energy prices and local public transport in particular are something that politicians are currently working on and will continue to work on, both regionally and nationally.